Why Should You Get a CMA Certification?

With CMAPrepCourse, you’ll receive a personalized all-inclusive suite of benefits to help you start your journey to earn the CMA, such as…

  • Our Exclusive Pass Guarantee: We believe you should get what you pay for.  If you need to access the lectures, instructors and mentors even after your class is finished, you can do so any time, indefinitely, at no additional cost, and with no strings attached. We are here to ensure your success in becoming a CMA.
  • Instructors with Expertise in Your Industry. We know everyone learns differently and CMA students come from a range of industries. That's why we have multiple instructors on staff, all veterans in their respective industries holding advanced degrees. Benefit from a CMA Instructor with insight that more closely matches your background.  
  • Unique Mentor Support by Certified Management Accountants: We are the only course that offers a personal mentor with an individualized study plan.  Throughout the course we make sure you're making progress (and if not, we'll step in to help). We've built in accountability throughout this course so you'll never have to worry about getting stuck or falling behind. All of our Instructors and Mentors are Certified Management Accountants.  Most importantly, you can reach your personal mentor individually by phone or email any time – you are not simply directed to a call center or email support group.
  •  Accessible Lecturer Support. Our instructors can also be reached personally by phone or email. Your participation in this course is critical and your questions and concerns are addressed by the very same qualified instructors who teach the material – not by a call center. You can’t get better support than that.
  • Flexible Participation Options: Watch Live Classes Online, On-Demand, or Attend On-Campus. Whether you learn best from the comfort of your home or in a physical classroom, you can participate in our classes the way you prefer. Our classes are more than overpriced static presentation slides -- no “Death by PowerPoint” lectures here.   With our livestream format, you can participate directly in the class and have your questions addressed immediately while they are fresh on your mind.
  • 72+ Hours of On-Demand Lecture Video. You won’t find this amount of material anywhere else. You get 24/7 access to our vault of archived lecture videos.
  • Sensible Live Class Dates. We know you are a busy professional. We have structured our class schedule to allow CMA preparation to be efficient, affordable, and on-demand – fitting even the busiest of schedules.   Classes are held on Saturday mornings.
  • Flexibility.  We are not bound by an institution’s lecture plan.  If we feel that additional time should be spent to further enhance our lectures, or to cover an area again that students are struggling with, we will simply add a focus session.  All of our material is fresh and updated for each session.  Don’t get stuck with stale prerecorded videos. 
  • End of Course Cram Session.  At the end of each session, we include a cram session which is an overview of all course content, as well as any areas the students feel they need more emphasis on.  No other CMA review course offers a cram session, and no other provider tailors their classes directly to the students’ needs and requests.

The CMA® Credential | Available only to IMA Members

One of the most widely recognized benefits available to qualified IMA members is the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) program. The CMA credential represents a mark of excellence in the field—and a competitive career advantage. Leading employers know the CMA designation reflects solid achievement in, and commitment to, the profession. This highly regarded program is specifically designed to measure expertise in the practice areas most critical to accountants and financial professionals working in businesses and organizations, including:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Performance Management
  • Decision Analysis
  • Professional Ethics


The Value of the CMA

CMAs have what it takes to be strategic business partners and effective financial managers—and drive business performance. Professionals holding the CMA can earn nearly $25,000 higher total compensation than their noncertified peers.*


Flexible Exam Preparation

IMA and other course providers offer qualified candidates a range of flexible exam study options (self-study, live, and online instruction) to make preparing to earn your CMA as convenient as possible.


Convenient Exam Scheduling

The CMA's two exam parts are administered in a user-friendly computer-based testing format at exam centers in hundreds of cities worldwide.