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Exclusive Pass Guarantee

We believe if you're going to pay for this course then you're going to get the results you want. If you don’t pass a section of the CMA exam then you can retake that section’s course for free. For whatever reason you were off the mark the first time around, you’ll ace the exam with more review.

Instructors with Expertise in Your Industry

We know everyone learns differently and CMA students come from a range of industries. That's why we have multiple instructors on staff. That way you can benefit from someone with insight that more closely matches your background.

Tutor-Mentors Support

Your Own Personal Professor. Throughout the course we make sure you're making progress (and if not, we'll step in to help). We've built in accountability throughout this course so you'll never have to worry about getting stuck or falling behind.

Accessible Lecturer Support

Our teachers can be reached by email or phone. Your participation in this course matters and your questions get answered by the very same individuals teaching it. You can’t get better support than that.

72+ Hours of On-Demand Lecture Video

You will not find this material anywhere else. You get 24/7 access to our vault of archived lecture videos. We know life doesn't stop just because you are taking this course. Interruptions happen, and this way you never have to worry about missing a live class.   

Sensible Class Dates

We know you are a busy professional. We have structured our course in such a way that allows you to comfortably and confidently master all of the material in it. You won’t come home each day with notebooks full of “must-know” information.

Watch Live Classes Online, On-Demand, or Attend On-Campus

Whether you learn best from the comfort of your home or in a physical classroom, you can participate in our classes the way you prefer. Online students are able to chat or call in talk radio-style during class. These classes are more than overpriced static presentation slides -- no “Death by PowerPoint” lectures here. 

Certified Management Accountant Review Course

The Dallas-Fort Worth Area Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), GLEIM Publications and Professor Ronald Schmidt have partnered together to offer CMAPrepCourse, a Professor-Led Review Course for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) candidates. The course provides live weekly classes based on the Gleim CMA Review System.

Businesses around the world rely on CMAs for accounting, finance and information management and most importantly, for the strategic planning and business solutions provided by these qualified professionals. The CMA designation represents a broad business competency and mastery of the management-level skills required to add value, drive business performance, and build quality financial practices within organizations.

The program objectively tests and validates expertise in areas essential to analyzing, managing and evaluating business solutions that contribute to the success of an organization. The CMA credential indicates a commitment to excellence based on a strong, ethical foundation and dedication to lifelong learning. It proves your ability to become a strategic business partner, while enhancing your self-confidence, your sense of accomplishment, and your resume.

CMAPrepCourse is a comprehensive, customized learning experience to assist candidates preparing for CMA Exam. It combines the GLEIM CMA Review System, LIVE professor-led weekly classes, online interaction, and personal counseling to prepare candidates for success on the CMA exam.

The professor-led review course is delivered in two convenient 8-week sessions, mirroring the two parts of the CMA exam. Classes are held at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas: